Proofreading, transcription, bookkeeping, blogging, writing, and virtual assistant work -- there are a lot of in-demand skills you can learn and use to build a work-at-home empire -- full- or part-time!
There are also a lot of scams out there run by people that just want your money -- they aren't interested in actually helping you build useable skills or make any money yourself. We are different.

The truth is, working at home is NOT EASY, and anyone who tells you that it is easy or that you don't need any skills, training, or practice to be successful is probably lying to you! Be careful!

This short quiz will help you determine which work-at-home career would be the best fit for you based on your interests and abilities. 

But if your answers indicate you wouldn't be a good fit to work from home, we'll tell you! 

Your results page will point you to resources you can use to get started on your recommended path.
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Because you love words, grammar, and spelling, you'd likely make a great proofreader! Enroll in this free 7-day intro course to learn more about building a career as a proofreader.
Enroll in the free intro course
Because you're words oriented and love typing and listening, we think you'd be a great fit for general transcription. Enroll in this free mini-course to learn more about building your own freelance transcription business.
Enroll in the free mini-course
It looks like you are words oriented and also love interpreting spoken conversation. You could actually be a good fit for proofreading or transcription.
Click here to learn more about both.
You are all about numbers, numbers, numbers. Our friend, Ben Robinson CPA, created a great course just for people like you. It gives you everything you need to start your own bookkeeping business. Click "Bookkeeping!" to find out more.
Based on your answers, we can't recommend anything specific, but don't lose hope! There are numerous work-at-home options that are legitimate and help you earn a good side income or even replace a full-time income. Click "Show Me!" to see our full list.
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